When you think of women’s health, you might not immediately think of bone health. However, bone health is extremely important to consider, as female bones in their mid-life are at a critical turning point.

By the age of 60, many women can lose up to 25% of their bone mass, losing the bone quicker than the body can replace it. As a result of this, bones will become thin, weak and fragile, and when too much bone is eroded, one can develop osteoporosis.

To an extent, osteoporosis can be prevented (with a sufficient diet, exercise, etc.) but some women still experience significant enough bone loss to require medical treatment.

Our expert staff at In Vogue Total Women’s Healthcare can perform a bone mineral density test to make a diagnosis. From estrogen replacement therapy to the use of bisphosphonates, call us today and we can help determine what would be the best option for you.